Annual Individual Income Tax Return of 2013

This form is in compliance with the Director General of Taxes Decree No. Per-34/PJ/2010 about Income Tax Annual Return Form and General Instructions and can only be used for completion of income tax annual return form tax year 2010 and onwards.

The Personal Exemption section is already in compliance with the recent one, as stated on Ministry of Finance Decree Number 162/PMK.011/2012

This form is used by Individual with income:

• from business/self-employment that implement books of account or deemed profit                                                          

• from employment for one or more employer(s) deemed books of account

• income subject to final and/or finalized tax

• from other income

Individual Income Taxpayers; Wajib Pajak Orang Pribadi
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Pajak Penghasilan Orang Pribadi; Individual Income Tax