For convenience, you can make your tax payment/deposit via the electronic tax payment system.

The electronic tax payment/deposit is available for all types of tax, except:

  • Import tax, of which payment is administered by the Directorate General of Customs and Excise; and/or
  • Tax of which procedures for payment are specifically regulated.

The electronic tax payment/deposit is available in Rupiah and US Dollar currencies.

The payment in US Dollar currency can only be made for:

  • Article 25 Income Tax, Article 29 Income Tax, Final Income Tax paid by the Taxpayer themselves, Petroleum Income Tax, and Natural Gas Income Tax by a Taxpayer permitted or having submitted a notice to maintain their bookkeeping in English and US Dollar currency; and
  • Notice of Tax Assessment and Notice of Tax Collection issued in US Dollar currency.


Data needed to create the Billing Code

  1. Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN)
  2. Tax Type Code and Payment Type Code [List]
  3. Tax Period and Tax Year
  4. Amount of Tax to be deposited to the State Treasury



  1. Directorate General of Taxes
  • Tax Offices (KPP)/Tax Services, Dissemination, and Consultation Offices (KP2KP)
  • Kring Pajak Agents (021) 1500200
  • DGT Electronic Services
  1. Non-DGT & Internet
  • Collecting Agents
  • Internet Banking (selected banks)
  • Tax Application Service Providers
  • [List of Application Service Providers]

The Tax Billing payment can be made to the State Treasury account through Automated Teller Machines (ATM), Internet Banking, EDC Machines, Mobile Banking, Branchless Banking Agents, or at Collecting Agent counters.

Electronic Tax Payment (Tax Billing) Video Guide

Electronic Tax Payment via e-Billing Tutorial Video

E-Billing Tax Payment via Login Tutorial can be found through the following link