You can update your Taxpayer data if:

1. The existing data and/or information in the tax administrative database are different from their actual state; or

2. The data update does not result in your transferring from where you are registered.


The data update is allowed for:

1. Taxpayer’s identity update that does not change the form of legal entity;

2. Taxpayer’s domicile or place of business address update within the same Tax Office’s (KPP) working area;

3. Taxpayer’s type of business update;

4. Corporate Taxpayer’s capital or ownership structure update that does not change the form of legal entity;

5. There is a clerical error in the Taxpayer data in the Directorate General of Taxes administrative database; or

6. There is a difference between the data of category and/or form of entity in the tax database and the actual Taxpayer’s category and/or form of business entity that are supposed to be recorded in the tax database at the time of registration according to the documents submitted by the Taxpayer.


Examples of the Corporate Taxpayer’s identity and capital updates:

1. Changing the Corporate Taxpayer’s identity without changing legalthe form, such as of entity, e.g., CV MAKMUR TANJUNG changing name to CV TANJUNG MULIA or PT ABADI JAYA changing name to PT ABADI JAYA MAKMUR; and/or

2. Changing the Corporate Taxpayer’s capital or ownership structure without changing the form of entity, e.g., PT ALAM JAYA with Domestic Direct Investment status changing to PT ALAM JAYA with Foreign Direct Investment status.

For any address data update resulting in the Taxpayer’s transferring from where they are registered in terms of performing rights and obligations (Tax Office Transfer), please download [Taxpayer Transfer Form].

Taxpayer data can be updated electronically through Kring Pajak (1-500-200) or via live chat on the website at 08.00 – 16.00 WIB.

Or in writing to the Tax Office whose working area covers the Taxpayer’s residence or domicile or place of business using the Taxpayer Data Update Form [Download Data Update Form]:

1. By directly visiting the Tax Office or through the Tax Services, Dissemination, and Consultation Office (KP2KP);

2. By post; or

3. Through delivery company or by courier service; or

4. [Tax Office Addresses].

If you have the form delivered by another person, that person should bring an assignment letter.

If the form is filled out or signed by proxy, they should have a Special Power of Attorney.